To restore a timber boat properly, they need to be repaired correctly. Too many timber boats become a collection of bad repairs. Often the repair fails to address the original cause of the problem, and is merely a quick fix.

Our philosophy is simple. We do the job once, and do it properly. A common misconception is that all timber boats leak. Timber boats should not leak and should be structurally sound and dependable. Once they are, maintenance is simple and manageable and with proper care they can provide the joys of boating to several generations.

We walk the client through their timber boat. We give a breakdown of where the boat is at, what work needs to be done to make it sound once again. If a hull is beyond economic repair we advise the client not to proceed, but can help to source a better hull as a starting point. All of our restorations start with a detailed costing. We have refined this process over many restoration projects. We often have potential hulls in stock, so contact us if are looking for a particular type of vessel.

Our boat-shed is a fully set up workshop with all the wood working machinery needed on hand next to the boat, to restore a boat efficiently. The boats are fully undercover, and our workshop is all weather.


Sydney Wooden Boats can build any classic timber yacht, launch or dinghy. We have a fully undercover workshop at Mona Vale with all the machinery at hand to produce high quality hulls up to 40 feet that will last several lifetimes. We can provide estimates for building custom one off boats. They utilise the best materials, and can be customised to the owner’s requirements.


If your boat has suffered from a collision, or has had a rig failure we can rebuild damaged hulls to as good as new condition. We have built many replacement timber spars – masts, booms, bowsprits. These spars can be made solid or hollow, and to any custom shape or specification.


A common area of need is to repower an old timber hull .We are OGM dealers for both Yanmar and Volvo marine diesel engines. We can recommend an engine to match your boats requirements. We then supply, and install the new engine into your hull. Sometimes this requires modification to existing engine bearers, or new engine bearers, We can also install the following systems: Fuel systems and tanks, water intake systems and strainers, exhaust systems, electrical systems. We also check running gear and can refurbish or replace existing stern tubes and propeller shafts. These are a vital and often overlooked part of a boats equipment. We regularly see poorly installed engines that fail prematurely because of incorrect installation.


SWB is based in Pittwater. We have a workboat – “BRIT” which can tow vessels up to 40 feet in length. We also undertake on the water maintenance tasks such as revarnishing or small timber repairs. We can make templates on the water for replacement parts such as hatches, duckboards, etc. These are manufactured in our workshop and fitted onto the boat on the water. We are agents for Century Batteries and can supply marine grade Australian made batteries to our clients.

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